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College Football's Link Roundup: September 4

Here are the must-read stories for September 4th.

College Football's Link Roundup: September 4

One day closer to games. 

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College Football's Must-Read Stories Around the Web for Wednesday, September 4th

Here's a weird story: NCAA players are not allowed to have .

isn't saying much about the status of running back Jeremy Hill.  

Matt Hayes goes around the nation in his .

Steven Godfrey of SB Nation spent some time with the coaching staff before and after the Oklahoma State loss.

What is

is already considering a few changes to his defense.

Will play for TCU this weekend?

is dealing with a handful of issues so far. 

takes a look at Wisconsin's offensive line and special teams. 

Matt Brown of Sports on Earth takes a look at whether or not it's time to on a few teams after Week 1. 

is planning to open up the offense a little more this week. 

will spend the bye week addressing fundamental issues. 

is now Michigan's No. 2 running back. 

has a solution for the fake injury concerns.

was effective, but tenative against TCU on Saturday night.

had a solid debut against Nevada. 

is close to returning for Tennessee. 


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