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USC Trojans

USC Trojans

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Why USC Will or Won't Make the College Football Playoff in 2016

By Josh Webb, 1 week 18 hours ago
It has been a while since the University of Southern California Trojans last contended for a national championship. That was back in 2008, which does seem like a lifetime, but it was really just five coaches and eight years ago. Yet here we are on the cusp of the 2016 season and that feeling of being stuck in neutral remains with the Trojans.   Related: USC Trojans 2016 Preview and...

College Football's Top 25 Breakout Quarterbacks for 2016

By Steven Lassan, 1 week 1 day ago
It’s no secret quarterback play is an integral part of every college football team and its hopes of winning a national title, contending for a conference championship or simply making a bowl. However, this position is also the most difficult one to judge, rank or evaluate. With the uncertainty and difficulty in evaluating this position, it should come as no surprise that a handful of names...

USC Prepares for Familiar Face in Season Opener Against Alabama

By Bryan Fischer, 1 week 4 days ago
When USC trots out onto the field on Sept. 3 at AT&T Stadium for its opener against defending national champion Alabama, a familiar face will be stalking the sidelines for the Crimson Tide.   Lane Kiffin.   The Trojans’ former head coach has rehabilitated his image in an impressive fashion after his abrupt departure from USC nearly three years ago. During his tenure as...

Pac-12 Commissioner Says Conference’s Players Don’t Get Enough Heisman Respect

By Bryan Fischer, 1 week 4 days ago
When Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey broke Barry Sanders’ FBS record for all-purpose yardage but failed to take home the Heisman Trophy last season, a popular refrain was that the talented tailback would have held up the award had he not played so many late-night games.   The theory made some sense; given that eventual winner Derrick Henry from Alabama won five of six regions...

Pac-12 Not Focused on Missing College Football Playoff

By Bryan Fischer, 1 week 5 days ago
When the first edition of the College Football Playoff kicked off without a Big 12 team, the league found itself suddenly in the middle of an existential crisis.   Expansion was discussed time again and time again. Tie-breaking procedures were finagled and clarified. Money was dumped by the truckload into consultants and marketing campaigns. Eventually, a conference title game — in...

Why Su'a Cravens Shouldn't Worry About His Legacy at USC

By Josh Webb, 2 weeks 14 hours ago
Whenever sports media outlets publish “Greatest Ever” pieces, it almost always leads to intense discussion on social, many times drawing ire not just from the fans, but from excluded players as well. One of the reasons media outlets continuously compile these subjective lists is that they spread like wildfire on social media. All it takes is the right person to take issue with it...

College Football's All-Star Baseball Team

By Lance Dozier, 2 weeks 20 hours ago
There are a lot of prospective student-athletes coming out of high school that are two-sport athletes. In fact, in the 2016 NFL Draft 88.5% of players selected were dual-sport athletes back in their Friday Night Light days. That statistic goes to show that only the best of the best make it professionaly - especially with only 1.6% of student-athletes playing on Sundays.   Out of...

Notre Dame’s 10 Best College Football Rivalries

By Aaron Tallent, 2 weeks 1 day ago
From the late 1970s to 2014, the Notre Dame/Michigan game seemed to be the premier event early in the college football season. Like all great rivalries, it had its ups and downs, but the excitement was always there. Both Michigan and Notre Dame seem to recognize this fact since they have agreed to renew that matchup in 2018. Michigan even paid Arkansas $2 million to free up its schedule to do...

What if Pac-12 College Football Teams Had an All-Star Game?

By Steven Lassan, 2 weeks 1 day ago
Major League Baseball’s 2016 All-Star Game is slated for Tuesday night at Petco Park in San Diego. While the Midsummer Classic won’t satisfy the hunger for football at this point in the summer, the All-Star Game got the staff at Athlon Sports thinking about potential all-star matchups at the college football level. What if each Power 5 league had an all-star game during the offseason...

The Pac-12's Most Underrated Players for 2016

By Steven Lassan, 2 weeks 5 days ago
Every college football team has players most would consider underrated. However, defining underrated players is no easy assignment, as that term varies in meaning between fans and experts. With the 2016 season approaching, Athlon Sports wanted to take a look at some players deserving of more preseason accolades or discussion. In an effort to get to 12 names, we tried to...