No. 8: Jim Furyk

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2011 Golf Preview: The Top 20 Golfer Countdown

2011 Golf Preview: The Top 20 Golfer Countdown

2011 Golfer Countdown

BORN: May 12, 1970, West Chester, Pa.


2010 PGA TOUR EARNINGS: $4,809,622

WORLD GOLF RANKING: 10 (as of Feb. 16, 2011)

GOLF CHANNEL’S BRANDEL CHAMBLEE GIVES HIS TAKE: Jim Furyk is not a great driver of the ball; he is not a great iron player, nor is he a great putter; but he is a great player and an example of how statistics can be very misleading. All that matters is the score, and Jim has been safely inside the top seven in scoring average every year but one in the last eight years. Coming off his Player of the Year performance, his confidence should spur him on to another stellar season.

CAREER PGA TOUR STATS (through Feb. 16, 2011)

  • Events — 435
  • Cuts — 358
  • 1st — 16
  • 2nd — 22
  • 3rd — 13
  • T10 — 143
  • T25 — 245
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