The Worst Hitter in Major League History

Bob Buhl set a standard that will hopefully never be repeated.

<p> Bob Buhl set a standard that will hopefully never be repeated.</p>

Pitchers are notorious for being bad hitters. But Bob Buhl, the National League pitcher from the '50s and '60s who had a .089 career batting average, set the bar so low, you'd have to dig a pretty deep hole if you wanted to lower it. Here are some of his notable season's at the plate.

1954: 1 for 31, .032 avg
Season Highlight: 2 bases on balls!

1955: 6 for 55, .105 avg
Season Highlight: 3 bases on balls!

1956: 7 for 73, .096 avg
Season Highlight: 4 RBIs!

1959: 4 for 70, .057 avg (The worst batting average ever?)
Season Highlight: 2 runs!

1961: 4 for 60, .067 avg
Season Highlight: 5 bases on balls!

1962: 0 for 70, .000 avg (Check that, THIS is the worst batting avg ever.)
Season Highlight: 1 SB!?!

1963: 8 for 81, .108 avg (Monster bounceback season. Did anyone test him for steroids?)
Season Highlight: 5 RBIs!

The rest of Bob's seasons he continued with various forms of ineptitude as he batted between .060 and .098. His less-than-stellar lifetime totals are:

Career Totals: 76 for 857, .089 avg, 2 2B, 0 3B, 0 HR, 26 RBIs, 2 SB, 2 CS, 38 BB, 389 Ks.

You read that correctly, he struck out 389 times in 857 at-bats. If you break that down into one 600 at-bat season, he would've struck out 272 times. Yes, that would've been a record.

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