Jeff Gordon gets revenge in Pepsi cab drive

NASCAR superstar gets final word on skeptical Jalopnik writer Travis Okulski

Jeff Gordon's Pepsi Max spoof ad, which gets revenge on Jalopnik writer Travis Okluski.

NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon may have a supermodel wife, a tony New York City pad overlooking Central Park and a lifetime contract with the most powerful organization in the sport with Hendrick Motorsports, but he knows how to get his redneck on.

And he knows how to get revenge.

When longtime sponsor Pepsi about a year ago, many called foul. And for good reason — much of the ad was staged using a stunt driver (oh, the irony!). Among those .

So with a little help from Okulski’s bosses, Gordon, a six-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion with 88 race wins in the sport’s premier series, donned, as he described on Twitter, “sideburns, a mullet and a taxi cab” to, as Jalopnik explained, “scare the crap out of our .”

According to Okulski’s Twitter feed, “This is real thing. It really happened. It’s not fake. At all.” We tend to believe him. So sit back and enjoy the ride, folks. And pray — for Jalopnik’s sake — that this time, nothing was staged.




by Matt Taliaferro

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