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  • 5 Players Who Could Impress During the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine

    NFL Every year, die-hard football fans and self-admitted NFL Draft geeks tune in to watch the Scouting Combine to get a glimpse of the stars of tomorrow. And every year — like clockwork — a...

    3 days 23 hours ago by J.P. Scott

  • Greatest Linebackers in NFL History

    25 Greatest Linebackers in NFL History

    NFL Linebacker is one of the most important and demanding positions in football. A truly great linebacker must be able to read the offense, set the defensive scheme, play the run with cat-like...

    4 days 22 hours ago by Rob McVey

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  • Deshaun Watson

    2017 NFL Draft: Top 5 Quarterbacks Entering the Scouting Combine

    NFL There are a select few NFL teams that believe they already have their franchise quarterback on their roster. Meanwhile the rest of the league is searching for one, which is one reason why 36...

    4 days 23 hours ago by Antwan Staley

  • Michael Strahan

    25 Greatest Defensive Linemen in NFL History

    NFL In addition to their physical dominance in the trenches as the first line of defense against the run, great defensive linemen have long been revered for their ability to change the complexion of a...

    5 days 22 hours ago by Rob McVey

  • Eric Berry

    Top 10 NFL Free Agents for 2017

    NFL Prior to the start of the new league year in March, NFL teams make out their free agent wish list and check it twice. Some teams must make tough decisions on their own free agents, while others are...

    6 days 43 min ago by Antwan Staley