100 Twitter Accounts Every Sports Fan Should Follow (80-61)

Here are the 100 Twitter feeds you should follow if you consider yourself a sports fan

Twitter can range between being awesome and being the most annoying thing in on the Internet. So to help sports fans figure out which Twitter accounts they should follow, we put together the list of the best 100.

This list contains everything from journalists to athletes to comedians. To make sure there's a broad enough apeal, we tried to keep it national (sorry, the guy who tweets about your high school football team didn't make the list). Feel free to let us know who we missed in the comments.

80. Jason LaCanfora,
Category: NFL
NFL insider who tweets the things you hear about in the NFL before you hear about them.


79. Daniel Negreanu,
Dan’s kind of a big deal in the poker world. If you want an insider’s take on the professional Poker Tour, follow his feed.


78. Ryen Russilo,
Category: All Sports
Ryen Russillo co-hosts the Scott Van Pelt show and combines humor and insight. Which is nice, because Twitter is mostly full of idiots.


77. Ralph Vacchiano,
Category: NFL
The NY Daily News writer covers the NFC East and in particular the G-Men. I’m pretty sure his Twitter feed is called “The Blue Screen” because no one knows how to spell his last name.


76. Clay Travis,
Category: College Sports
Nashville-based radio host and EIC of OutkicktheCoverage,com likes to get people riled up with his take on college athletics. He’s pretty good at it, too.


75. Dwight Howard,
Category: NBA, Athlete
If Twitter had a team, I would want Dwight Howard to be my starting center.


74. Kristi Dosh,
Category: Sports Business, College Sports
The ESPN and Forbes Sports Business writer tweets about money, the law and sports (and sometimes all three).


73. Danica Patrick,
Category: Racing, Celebrity
This Twitter feed is all Danica Patrick, all the time. And there's also links to her GoDaddy.com commercials.


72. Chris Cooley,
Category: NFL, Athlete
There’s two things you need to know about the Redskins tight end’s Twitter feed. 1) It’s called The Cooley Zone. And 2) There’s a picture of Chris making a piece of pottery a la Ghost as the wallpaper.


71. The UFC,
Category: MMA
So much UFC news, giveaways and RT’s you might just tap out of Twitter.


70. SB Nation,
Category: All Sports
The collection of blogs is sort of like the Megatron of sports info (not the Lions receiver, the real one Megatron that get his ass kicked by Optimus Prime.)


69. Sports Illustrated Photo Vault,
Category: Photos, History
Sports illustrated has an amazing collection of photos throughout sports history. And this Twitter feed picks and chooses the most interesting ones and pulls them out of the archive. I don't know why more magazines don't do this.


68. Numbers Never Lie,
Category: Sports Trivia
If the Elias Sports Bureau had a twitter feed (and they really need one), this would be it.


67. Mardy Fish,
Category: Tennis, Athlete
Tennis player Mardy Fish is kind of awesome. So is his Twitter.


66. Sports Pickle,
It’s sort of like the Onion. So it has that going for it.


65. Maurice Jones-Drew,
If a professional athlete like MJD can get excited about fantasy sports, then fantasy sports isn’t just for nerds, right? Right?


64. Brett McMurphy,
Category: College Football
CBS’ college football writer actively tweets the top stories with his very informed take mixed in with his dry humor.


63. Michelle Beadle,
She’s cranky about a lot of stuff. And usually it's sports stuff.

62. Dan Wolken,
Category: All Sports
The highly opinionated Daily.com writer is not afraid to tweet said opinions for your enjoyment.


61. Pete Thamel,
Pete writes for the New York Times, so there’s more journalism here than links to funny photos of Li’l Ron Washington.


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