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  • By Rich McVey, 11 months 4 weeks ago
    The Braves' Chris Johnson was spotted on the bench during this weekend's game against the Cardinals sporting bubble gum on his hat, thanks to his pranking teammates. The best part is that he discovered the gum in the reflection of Reed Johnson's sunglasses and immediately began to beat him on the head. Your browser does not support iframes.
  • By Rich McVey, 12 months 3 days ago
  • By Rich McVey, 12 months 3 days ago
    Braves outfielder Jason Heyward sustained two jaw fractures when he was struck by a 90-mph fastball from Mets left-hander Jonathon Niese on Wednesday. He will undergo surgery Thursday, and is expected to miss 4-6 weeks. We wish him a speedy recovery. 
  • By Rich McVey, 12 months 4 days ago
    We can all thank Fox Sports 1 for this boxing gem. On Monday night Danny Jacobs stepped into the ring with Giovanni Lorenzo and did this to Lorenzo's face in the third round to win the WBC Continental Americas middleweight title. 
  • By Athlon Sports, 12 months 4 days ago
    Two Pirates fans showed their support for the team through a pair of enormous foam Pirates hats, going the extra mile at PNC Park during a game against the Diamondbacks. Surprisingly, they were not mobbed by women.Your browser does not support iframes.
  • By Rich McVey, 1 year 22 hours ago
    Sideline reporter Pam Oliver was in the wrong place at the wrong time during warm-ups for yesterday's Colts-Giants game. Colts back-up QB Chandler Harnish threw a tight spiral that landed on the side of Oliver's face. Ouch! Harnish has since apologized.Would like to take this time to apologize to Pam Oliver, for the bad pass to the face.. Be expecting flowers in the mail soon! #...
  • By Rich McVey, 1 year 22 hours ago
    What happens when a Tennessee fan decides to make a video boasting how his Vols are going to beat the Oregon Ducks on Sept. 14? Internet gold. Watch the video and check out our favorite responses from members of the college football subreddit that brought this gem to our attention. Best comments from Redditors* I think Neyland Stadium just found a new pre-kickoff hype video.* It's like...
  • By Rich McVey, 1 year 23 hours ago
    There are few things more exciting than seeing a ballboy make an amazing catch. Of course, it's even better when they don't and fall into the crowd with their butts sticking in the air for the whole world to see. Watch as the Twins' ballboy executes this mishap perfectly during a game against the White Sox.Your browser does not support iframes.
  • By Rich McVey, 1 year 3 days ago
    While Robert Griffin III and Redskins' coach Mike Shanahan go back and forth discussing when the QB will get to play, we learned an interesting backstory on RG3's rehab efforts. Apparently while rehabbing his knee, his doctors' reached out to a random guy near the Redskins training camp with a very awesome pool. Check out the video below. 
  • By Rich McVey, 1 year 3 days ago
    Do you think this guys has a checklist he goes through before he heads to the Detroit Tigers game? Endangered animal skin jacket? CHECK!Sunglasses for night game? CHECK!Glove that's been spray painted gold? CHECK!Your browser does not support iframes.