Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day: March 11, 2014


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This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports and entertainment posts on the web for March 11.

100 hot celebrity Instagram photos, although I'm using the word celebrity very loosely.

Is this a fire-able offense for Texas hoops coach Rick Barnes?

A Marlins fan wearing jorts let his kid's wagon roll down a hill so he could chase a baseball. Oh, and the wagon had the kid in it.

The Adam Muema saga gets more bizarre. No snark here; I'm really worried for the guy.

• Our legal system at work: A Colorado man plans to sue the first responders who saved him from drowning in a flood.

The towel-wavers on the bench for Division III Colby College have perfected the art of sideline antics.

• I don't watch a ton of NBA, but apparently everybody's annoyed with Blake Griffin, and he's annoyed with everybody.

A long-form Grantland profile of the great Dan Jenkins. Name-drop of the day: I once sat at a table in the media tent at a U.S. Open with Dan. He talks just like he writes.

Enjoy a mesmerizing GIF of a muddy woman trying and failing to climb a wall.

Funny photos of miserable men waiting for their shopping companions. Been there, dude.

A skinny Barry Bonds, his head once again human-sized, arrived at Giants camp yesterday.

• An under-used weapon in the grappling game: an especially rank burst of flatulence caused an opponent to tap out and puke.



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