Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day: September 4, 2013

Rounding Up the Web's Best Sports Links So You Don't Have To.

This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Sept. 4.


, including Denver's Brittany (pictured), who clocks in at No. 99. Wow, some poor sap had to comb through a lot of photos to come up with this list. What an idiot.


. According to Deadspin, he's contending for the title of Swaggiest Bro-Coach to Have Ever Swagged. Not sure what else he has to do to earn the title.


• News and views from Booger, the Snake, et al: .


• Meet the newest Internet legend, if you haven't already:


A lot, actually. Three times as much action as in a football game.


, and he shoots free throws underhanded. Best part: His name is Canyon.


• Brian Kelly had to backpedal off his statement that Notre Dame-Michigan is an overrated rivalry. .


• Today in people who are much richer than you: .


. Trust me, there's a payoff.


• Here's a different take. .


. But he completed the play.


• Today's video is a hilarious sportscaster fail. In his defense, Deutsche Bank is somewhat similar to d----- bag. But not that similar.




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