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  • By Jasmine Watkins, 2 weeks 4 days ago
    For some reason, people just don't like Cam Newton. Maybe it's because the Panthers are on a roll right now, or maybe it's because he's always smiling. Whatever the reason is, Julius Peppers isn't here for any of Newton's antics. After the Panthers quarterback scores a touchdown, he always gives the ball to a young fan. When Newton scored in the second quarter,...
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 3 weeks 15 hours ago
    Jimmy Fallon is back at it, making fun of football players set to face off in the upcoming Sunday night game.  The Eagles-Cowboys matchup is always one to watch, and on "The Tonight Show," it'll be hard to see these players and not think of these superlatives. 
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 3 weeks 16 hours ago
    We all know that one sports fans who just so happens to always be on the winning side of things. This person is a bandwagoner or fair-weather fan, whichever you would like to call it. They've been a fan ironically since the team started winning. It's hilarious, and mildly sad at the same time. 
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 1 month 1 week ago
    The Colts ran a play against the Patriots that had everyone scratching their heads. On a 4th & 3 in the 3rd quarter, Chuck Pagano and the Colts' play-callers threw everyone for a loop with this unforgettable beauty. The Colts tried a unique formation on 4th down. It didn't work. #NEvsIND http://t.co/Eh0HXpFV00— NFL (@NFL) October 19, 2015 If you want the...
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 1 month 1 week ago
    Alex Rodriguez is used to throwing something small and round so when you give him a football, he may try to overcompensate. The Yankees star paid a visit to the Fox Sports studio and attempted to complete a pass to Jay Glazer. The Fox analyst is by no means a tall glass a water, and it showed. The pass was overthrown and ended up breaking one of the monitors. At least the show was almost...
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 1 month 2 weeks ago
    Katie Nolan has a reputation for speaking exactly what's on her mind, and Fox Sports 1 gives her the outlet to do so. It came as no surprise when word spread that Greg Hardy was coming back, and to the Cowboys no less, that she had a few words for the troubled star. When Hardy remarked that he was ready to come out, "guns-a-blazing," Nolan referred to him as "human...
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 1 month 3 weeks ago
    Dabo Swinney's Clemson Tigers upset Notre Dame 24-22 Saturday night, so he was understandably fired up. The colorful coach was right in the middle of giving a little post game speech when someone over at ABC flipped the switch a little to early and sent everyone's over to a live shot of ESPN's Sportscenter. The anchors were doing what they do during their downtime, check...
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 1 month 3 weeks ago
    Jimmy Fallon is back again with "NFL Superlatives." In preparation of the Sunday night matchup between the Saints and the Cowboys, the "Tonight Show" host didn't hold back on Drew Brees, Max Unger, and others.Stephone Anthony will be seen as Kevin Hart from now on.
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 2 months 17 hours ago
    Sometimes you watch the Jets, and there are literally no words.  During the game against the Eagles, Brandon Marshall tried to lateral on a first down for some odd reason and of course turned the ball over. Marshall picked up 15 yards, but oh that wasn't enough. In Jets history, is this worse than the infamous butt-fumble? 
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 2 months 3 days ago
    If you're about to line up against John Krahn, stop it. Quit football. Move to another state. This lineman hailing from Southern California is a senior and literally tosses opposing players like a ragdoll. Krahn is working on trying to shed some pounds to increase his agility and mobility. When that happens, watch out. Adding speed to an already dominant player is only going to...

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