Ole Miss Coed REALLY Enjoying Pregame Festivities

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Please make this the university's official recruiting video.

Ole Miss Coed REALLY Enjoying Pregame Festivities
The fine folks at TexAgs took a video camera to The Grove at Ole Miss on Saturday prior to the Aggies’ 41-38 win over the Rebels. 
By far the star of the video is an Ole Miss fan at the 38-second mark. Prepare for awesomeness.
Some of our favorite lines that have ever been spoken in the history of mankind: “Ole Miss is the most fun school you’ll ever go to. And when you go to a college, you’re gonna make the grades blah blah blah, as long as you get a two-oh….Ole Miss, we may all be…have lower IQs…I have a higher IQ than most these people, but…well no that’s a lie but…we have fun, and we don’t ever miss a party.”
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