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  • By Rich McVey, 11 months 5 hours ago
    While Robert Griffin III and Redskins' coach Mike Shanahan go back and forth discussing when the QB will get to play, we learned an interesting backstory on RG3's rehab efforts. Apparently while rehabbing his knee, his doctors' reached out to a random guy near the Redskins training camp with a very awesome pool. Check out the video below. 
  • By Rich McVey, 11 months 5 hours ago
    Do you think this guys has a checklist he goes through before he heads to the Detroit Tigers game? Endangered animal skin jacket? CHECK!Sunglasses for night game? CHECK!Glove that's been spray painted gold? CHECK!Your browser does not support iframes.
  • By Rich McVey, 11 months 5 hours ago
    It wasn't just Cleveland and Detroit that took the field during last night's preseason match-up. A half-dressed dude sprinted across the field until security guards took him out. The only thing missing is some "Chariots of Fire" music playing in the background.  
  • By Athlon Sports, 11 months 2 days ago
    We're all for tradition, and honoring your region with your team nickname, but some of these are just plain weird. Here they are in no particular order of weirdness. 1. Jordan (Utah) BeetdiggersThis nickname inspires fear. If you're a beet.  2. Conway (Ark.) Wampus CatsA Wampus cat is a fearsome creature from folklore. Doesn't stop it from sounding stupid. 3....
  • By Athlon Sports, 11 months 2 days ago
    It's not easy being a college football athlete. Just ask Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel who's garnered a lot of unwanted attention from the NCAA for allegedly signing autographs for money. That's exactly why the fine folks at Fox Sports decided to step in and help out athletes with this handy-dandy flowchart. We think it should be mandatory reading for every high-profile college...
  • By Athlon Sports, 11 months 3 days ago
    It’s no surprise that high school football has made multiple appearances on both the big and small screens. The sport produces enough drama, humor, heartbreak and glory to fill a thousand multiplexes. Here are some of the fictional high school gridiron stars who made a lasting impression on us.  Stef Djordjevic, CB, All the Right MovesMatt Saracen, QB, Friday Night LightsRicky Baker,...
  • By Athlon Sports, 11 months 4 days ago
    Jason Dufner was all smiles after winning this year's PGA Championship. And why wouldn't he be? He just took home a boatload of cash ($1.4 million) and he has a super hot wife. In fact, he celebrated his win on the 18th by hugging and smacking her butt.   
  • By Rich McVey, 11 months 4 days ago
    First off, let's acknowledge that Michael Jordan is 50 and can still dunk. Amazing. However, it might be slightly more impressive if it weren't for the fact that he's doing against, what appear to be, a 10-year-old child.
  • By Athlon Sports, 11 months 6 days ago
    If you're a fan of the show "Breaking Bad" like we are, you probably enjoy all of the intense twists, turns and amazing moments. If we had to pick our favorite, however, we'd point to Season 4, Episode 3 ("Open House") when a bedridden Hank Schrader was surprised by wife Marie with his favorite fantasy football magazine, namely Athlon Sports. Obviously Hank has great...
  • By Rich McVey, 11 months 1 week ago
    Pay attention fantasy football fans, Aaron Rodgers is looking sharp at the Packers training camp. How sharp? Watch as he throws a 50-yard strike with ease. His reaction.Source: Bleacher Report