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  • By Mark Ross, 1 month 1 day ago
    Whether it’s their given name or a nickname, these athletes and sports figures fit right in on Halloween. Jose Bautista, “Joey Bats”MLB (Baltimore Orioles 2004, Tampa Bay Devil Rays 2004, Kansas City Royals 2004, Pittsburgh Pirates 2004-08, Toronto Blue Jays 2008-present)Bautista bounced around with four different teams in his first season in the majors before finding a...
  • By Rich McVey, 1 month 2 days ago
    It's our favorite holiday of the year: kids are trick-or-treating, piles of candy are everywhere, and NFL cheerleaders dress up in Halloween costumes. Thank you, Halloween. Just thank you. 
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 1 month 2 days ago
    We've all seen sports post game press conferences. I'll save you some time, they're pretty much all the same. Weird Al Yankovic does a perfect skit of literally all the sports conferences ever, featuring the grizzled coach, star player, and bench player (who only gets interviewed after a big game). 
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 1 month 2 days ago
    Snow day brings out the best in everyone.  Nike brings many of sports' top athletes out for a friendly game of football. Familiar faces include, but are not limited to Rob Gronkowski, Ndamukong Suh, Marcus Mariota, and Paul George.  Who says you have to stay in on a snow day?
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 1 month 3 days ago
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 1 month 5 days ago
    Stuart Scott loved his Tar Heels. The fallen ESPN personality made sure everyone knew just how much he loved his alma mater. Over the weekend, Scott was inducted in the UNC Journalism Hall of Fame. His friends and family, including his two daughters, were in attendance. The basketball team along with members of his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha, honored him with a special step....
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 1 month 1 week ago
    There's a lot going on in this video. This is an Alabama fan with Auburn children talking about Iowa and its undefeated record of 7-0. The kids mention the easy schedule of the Hawkeyes, but Alabama hasn't had the hardest schedule this season either if we're being fair. It does make for a pretty funny video and we get a glimpse of what could be promising acting careers for...
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 1 month 1 week ago
    The East Mississippi Community College vs. Mississippi Delta Community College game couldn't even make it to halftime. During the game Thursday night, a brawl erupted clearing both benches toward the end of the second quarter. EMCC had a 48-0 lead and players from both teams can be seen throwing punches and even trash cans as the officials try to separate the sides. The game was...
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 1 month 1 week ago
    Browns backup quarterback Johnny Manziel was pulled over last week and now the footage has emerged. Manziel was with girlfriend Colleen Crowley when he was pulled over and he can be heard trying to explain the situation to police. He was reportedly pulled over for speeding and there was a domestic dispute and a 911 call as well.
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 1 month 1 week ago
    The Colts ran a play against the Patriots that had everyone scratching their heads. On a 4th & 3 in the 3rd quarter, Chuck Pagano and the Colts' play-callers threw everyone for a loop with this unforgettable beauty. The Colts tried a unique formation on 4th down. It didn't work. #NEvsIND http://t.co/Eh0HXpFV00— NFL (@NFL) October 19, 2015 If you want the...

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