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The first round of the NBA playoffs, days ago, looked to be a chalk fest. Save for the intriguing showdown between the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers — a pairing talented enough for a conference finals meeting — we looked to...
Athlon Sports
4 months ago
6. Oklahoma City ThunderThe Thunder have two of the game’s biggest faces in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, and they’ve been one of the most fun watches for as long as they’ve been in Oklahoma. But NBA purists have long...
Athlon Sports
5 months ago
6. Sacramento KingsThe Kings have done a lot of dumb things. When they fired head coach Mike Malone, replaced him with Ty Corbin, and then excused Corbin in favor of George Karl, it made for five coaches over five years. That’s no way to...
Athlon Sports
6 months ago
The Sacramento Kings are a spectacle of franchise upheaval right now. And after eager second-year owner Vivek Ranadive had coach Mike Malone fired last week — despite undeniable improvement from last season, and an extended absence from...
Athlon Sports
8 months ago
Kevin Garnett Wants to Own the Minnesota Timberwolves
You may have mistaken the 38-year-old edition of Kevin Garnett for Skeletor — but the former MVP and NBA champion is still in the league. KG is on the final year of his last big NBA contract, a deal that was signed with the Boston Celtics but...
Athlon Sports
9 months ago
Earlier this month, we heard that the NBA was considering altering their free throw protocol in order shave time off games. Now, they’re taking a more direct route to brevity.When the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics face off on Sunday,...
Athlon Sports
10 months ago
Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov has quickly gained a reputation in the NBA. In his huge thirst for a championship, the Russian tycoon has thrown enough bad money at a middling roster to make one of the hippest brands in the league crater...
Rob Doster
11 months ago
100 Funny Fantasy Basketball Team Names
The NBA season is about to tip off, which means it’s almost time for fantasy basketball. To win a championship, you’ve got to hit the draft big boards hard, fast break the waiver wire-to-wire and have the ball bounce your way. But in...
Nathan Rush
1 year ago
Highlights from the action-packed NBA offseason that included the Nets moving from New Jersey to Brooklyn, Dwight Howard being traded to the Lakers, Jeremy Lin re-signing with the Rockets and Ray Allen joining the enemy Heat.   Brooklyn Nets...
Nathan Rush
3 years ago