Kevin Garnett Articles

Like Odysseus before him, Kevin Garnett has gone through a long, weird journey that’s led him back to the only true endpoint: home. After a trade returned him to the Minnesota Timberwolves last Thursday, Garnett made his first...
Athlon Sports
1 year ago
Kevin Garnett Wants to Own the Minnesota Timberwolves
You may have mistaken the 38-year-old edition of Kevin Garnett for Skeletor — but the former MVP and NBA champion is still in the league. KG is on the final year of his last big NBA contract, a deal that was signed with the Boston Celtics but...
Athlon Sports
2 years ago
Ranking the NBA’s Biggest Trash Talkers
A list of the NBA’s best trash talkers might also read as “the game’s most old-school dudes.” In our modern, hyper-aware media era, such behavior can quickly become public knowledge, as nearly all affluent Americans carry a...
Athlon Sports
2 years ago
The Miami Heat will raise their 2012 NBA championship banner before hosting the Boston Celtics on opening night of the 2012-13 NBA season. And they will do so as the league’s overwhelming favorites to win it all once again this year. While...
Nathan Rush
4 years ago
by Josh Kipnis The Chris Paul madness is over.  Finally.  The NBA’s opening tipoff starts in 10 days, so what do you say we stop talking about free agency and start focusing on the actual game. In the aftermath of the lockout, it...
Josh Kipnis
5 years ago