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The basketball Gods are a relentless clan, and they don’t care about our enjoyment — this much is not news. But word of their latest victim is. Portland Trail Blazers shooting guard Wesley Matthews tore his left Achilles tendon last...
Athlon Sports
1 month ago
Must-Watch NBA Games of the Week
Monday: New Orleans Pelicans at Memphis Grizzlies, 8:00 PM ETAnthony Davis is the future of NBA big men — an insanely long, multi-skilled player with enough athleticism and speed to both protect your rim and slash to it to score from deep on...
Athlon Sports
5 months ago
Athlon Sports’ 2012 NBA Mock Draft (updated June 27, 4:45 p.m. ET) breaks down all 30 picks in the first round, highlighting each “tier” of talent and exploring several trade rumors in the opening round of the June 28 draft. TIER 1 Potential...
Nathan Rush
2 years ago
Who’s the fourth-best shooting guard in NBA fantasy nine-category leagues right now? Well, of course, it’s Portland Trail Blazer Wesley Matthews. He is certainly paying big dividends for you if you grabbed him in your 2012 NBA fantasy draft —...
Corby Yarbrough
3 years ago
As the NBA and its players resume labor negotiations today, intriguing possibilities on one minor issue have begun to trickle into view. The third round of the NBA Draft, which was removed after 1988, may be making a return, according to former...
Scott Henry
3 years ago