100 Funny Fantasy Basketball Team Names for 2016

These funny fantasy basketball team names will make your league laugh.
These funny fantasy basketball team names will make your league laugh.

The NBA season tips off Oct. 25, which means it’s time for fantasy basketball. Your “fantasy” team may not have as many good players as the “real” Golden State Warriors, but you can still come up with a championship-caliber fantasy basketball team name. Topical pop-culture humor and dirty debatable jokes work well, as do obscure basketball references from your favorite team. Here’s our list of suggestions for funny, clever, crazy, cool and best names for the 2016-17 NBA season:


31 All-Time Greatest Athletes in Movies

These are 31 athletes who also starred in movies, including LeBron James in "Trainwreck."
<p> These are 31 athletes who also starred in movies, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jim Brown, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, O.J. Simpson and Mike Tyson.</p>
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While most athletes are content to enjoy the limelight on the field of competitive sports, many have tried to bask in the bright lights of Hollywood. Here are 31 athletes who made their mark in the movies; some as classic characters in blockbusters and others in forgettable box office disasters.

Ranking Every USA Olympic Men’s Basketball Team

Of the 17 USA Olympic Men’s Basketball Teams, the 1992 Dream Team remains the gold standard.
Of the 17 USA Olympic Men’s Basketball Teams, the 1992 Dream Team remains the gold standard.

The 2016 United States Olympic Men’s Basketball Team is expected to soar to the gold medal in Rio. Even without LeBron James, Chris Paul, Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook and a handful of other NBA All-Stars who declined an invite, Team USA is by far the best team in the tournament. But where does this Olympic team stack up with previous Team USA squads?


Here’s a rankings rundown of the 17 USA men’s basketball teams in Olympic history:


Ayesha Curry Blocks Twitter User After Being Asked to Sign Cookbook as "Mrs. Irving"


Ayesha Curry has taken more abuse than some actual sports figures.


The wife of Warriors star Steph Curry often inserts herself into the conversation, creating sports fans and twitter trolls to come after her with no remorse. When the NBA isn't in season, she can most often be seen tweeting about her cookbooks and recipes. That's when the trouble started.


James Harden Schools Camper

To be fair, Harden wouldn't have played better defense himself

I'm not sure which is more important in this case. Generally they teach you to watch the hips, but keeping an eye on the ball would be good too. 


James Harden recently decided to take a camper on in 1-on-1. How did it go? Check it out for yourself:


NBA 2016 Mock Draft

Which top prospects will land in the first round?

Today is when dreams become a reality. The NBA Draft is always a special time for young men with the aspirations of playing in the best basketball league in the world. Some players draft stock has sky rocketed over the last few days and weeks, and others stock has plummented. Who will land where? 

Stephen A. Smith Has Wrongly Predicted Every NBA Finals Since 2011

If he picks your team, just start planning your vacation.

We've all heard the expression, "I wouldn't bet money on it." That definitely rings true when it comes to Stephen A. Smith's predictions.


ESPN's First Take host has picked the wrong team in the NBA Finals for six straight years. Since 2011, Smith has gone with every single losing team. In a way that's somewhat of an accomplishment. When something is a 50/50 chance, it's hard to be wrong so many times in a row.


LeBron James Trolls Golden State With "Ultimate Warrior" Shirt

Let the trolling begin!

It doesn't get much better than this. 


The Cavaliers finally touched down in Cleveland after coming back from a 3-1 deficit against the Warriors. Making history is reason enough for a little gloating here and there. When LeBron James stepped off the plane everyone noticed the shirt he was wearing, giving a subtle nod to the Warriors with the words "Ultimate Warrior" and the iconic wrestler on it.


ESPN Personalities Blast Skip Bayless After Cavaliers Win

That's one way to send him out with a bang.

Skip Bayless' time at ESPN is over, and his ex-coworkers are sending him off right.


The known LeBron James "hater" has spewed a lot of negative things about the Cavaliers star over the years. It all came back to bite him after Cleveland took home the championship Sunday night. Cleveland's win still didn't stop Bayless from tweeting about James.