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Ken Griffey Jr. and Sr. on Baseball, Cancer and Hall of Fame Speeches

Baseball's greatest father-son duo ham it up during our exclusive interview
Talking baseball, prostate cancer and the Hall of Fame with the father-son duo

The greatest father-son duo in baseball, Ken Griffey Sr., 66, and Ken Griffey Jr., 46, have teamed up again to raise awareness for prostate cancer with But anytime the two get together, stories start flying out of the park as far and fast as the 782 home runs they combined to hit during two remarkable baseball careers that spanned from 1973 to 2010.


Talk about your experience with prostate cancer…

5 MLB Managers on the September Hot Seat

The hot seat could be too much to handle for these 5 skippers
5 MLB Managers on the September Hot Seat

Each year MLB is filled with underperforming teams — that’s just part of the game. But this season, there seems to be a larger portion of clubs that have fallen below expectations.

Seattle Mariners Mt. Rushmore (Franchise Four)

Clear choices for Seattle foursome
Two Left Sidebar Images
<p> The latest in the series of MLB teams' Mt. Rushmores, the Seattle foursome is the easiest selection of all teams. Should they be carved from Mt. Rainier?</p>

Major League Baseball is promoting an effort to identify the best four players in each team’s history with their "Franchise Four." We selected our choices for Mt. Rushmores a few years ago. Here are updated versions for all 30 teams. Who are the four baseball players that have risen above all others for each organization? The question sounds simple, right? Not so fast. Let the arguments begin.

King Felix's Son Flashes Arm Before Game

During Father's Day celebration, Felix Hernandez's son displays arm strength to fans during the ceremonial first pitch.

There have been plenty of successful father-son combos in sports, ranging from Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. to Archie Manning and sons Peyton and Eli. Usually, not much is made of these family ties until the sons reach the pros, or at least college. Yet, Felix Hernandez’s six-year-old son Jeremy already has people ogling at his arm.