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Major League Baseball is Back: 2012 Preview and Predictions

The baseball season begins with many new faces in new places.
<p> Baseball is Back: 2012 Preview and Predictions</p>

From the pages of Athlon Sports Monthly, here are five major storylines for the 2012 baseball season , as well as our predictions.

Philadelphia Phillies 2012 Preview

Phils are still team to beat in NL
<p> The Phillies are not as young, physically sound or offensively explosive as they once were, but with a star-studded pitching staff they’re still plenty good enough to turn Halladay’s text message into gospel and go all the way in 2012.</p>

Philadelphia Phillies

Trade Deadline Deals Not Always Worth It

Trading prospects for rental players is playing Trade Deadline Roulette
<p> The MLB Trade Deadline always gets lots of pub, but are midseason trades overrated? Here’s a sampling of history that should put any deadline deals in perspective.</p>

by Charlie Miller

As soon as the dust settled at the All-Star Game, the chatter around the majors turned to trade talk. Who are the buyers and sellers? Fans want to know. This season, with so many close races, the buyers may outnumber the sellers, raising the prices for prized rental players.

But fans should beware, not all trades made for the stretch run work out. And fans of sellers, beware, not all “can’t miss” prospects make it.

Here’s a sampling of history that should put any deadline deals in perspective.