100 Funny Fantasy Basketball Team Names for 2016-17

These funny fantasy basketball team name ideas will make your league laugh.

The NBA season is well underway, which means it’s time for fantasy basketball, both season-long and daily. Your “fantasy” team may not have as many good players as the “real” Golden State Warriors, but you can still come up with a championship-caliber fantasy basketball team name. Topical pop-culture humor and dirty debatable jokes work well, as do obscure basketball references from your favorite team.


Here’s our list of suggestions for funny, clever, crazy, cool and best names for the 2016-17 NBA season:


Adams Family Jewels


Headbands Make Her Dance


Ninjas in Paris


808s and Fastbreaks


Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Team


Pippen Ain’t Easy




Sprichst Du Dirk?


Dirk Digglers


Grabbing Assets


Brittney Griner Tight


Lions, Tigers and Goberts


Deng Girl!


D-Rose Train Conductor


Boogie Nights


Get Ur Greek Freak On


Greek Freak Nasty


Scoring Like Wilt


Air Ballers



Stevie Wonder’s Courtside Seats


99 Problems, All of Them Beyonce


Charlotte HB2 All-Stars


Charlotte Stall Ball


PG-13 Pacers


Embiid Imbibes


Shirley Temple Sixers




Quincy Jones Fracture


Hinkie 4 Lyfe


Philadelphia Process


Philadelphia 76 Centers


Temporary Linsanity


Serenity Now, Linsanity Later




Brooklyn Nyet-Nyet


Joerger Bomb


Mike Conley’s Contract




Grindhouse in Graceland



Space Jam 2




Technically Fouled Out




Nothing But Actors


Crying Jordan


Crying Westbrook


Kevin Love Lockdown


Everybody Loves Raymone




LeBron Land


Mark Cuban’s Internet Radio


Harrison Barnes’ Bland Brand


Shark Tankers


Free Dirk


O Canada Face


Toronto Drakes


Medicinal McGary


Son of Sabas


Yves Saint Westbrook





D’Angelo Russell’s Snapchat Story


Mozgov Money


Luuuuuuke… Bill is Your Father


Chairman Yi


3 & KD


Silicon Slim


Steph Curry with the Shot


73 Dub Salute


Splash Triplets


Forgot About Klay


Stop-motion Klaymation


Joe Lacob’s Lightyears


I Am Smarticus


Brad “Belichick” Stevens


Zen & Juice


Madison Square Rose Garden


Zingis Khan


Draymond Dick Pics & Kicks


Three Six Latvia


Young Bucks


Wiggins Out



LaVine Videos




Adam Silver Linings Playbook


David Stern’s Mustache


Neon Boudeaux


Jesus Shuttlesworth


Real Recognize Beal


Dolla Dolla Beal


Shawn Kemp’s Kids


Pass the Rock to Lamar


Kardashian Double-Team


James Gives Me a Harden


Go Harden the Paint


Lala’s Honey Nut Cheerios


Mother of Dragics


Granny Shots


Better Call Gasol


Z-Bo Knows


Knockin’ Knickerbockers


White Men Can Jump


Game, Blouses



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