101 Funny Fantasy Basketball Team Names

These 101 fantasy basketball team names will make your league laugh

The NBA season tips off Oct. 28, which means it’s time for fantasy basketball. Only one team will win your league, but everyone can be a winner with a funny fantasy basketball team name. All you need to do is troll Donald Sterling or LeBron James, make a hipster or hip-hop pop culture reference and/or go meta with your NBA insight in a way that Metta World Peace might not follow. Here’s our list of suggestions for 2014-15:

Blow Me (in the Ear)


Shin Shi Shin Shi Stephenson


Hairline Airlines


Headbands Make Her Dance


LeBron’s Merkin


99 Problems, LeBron Ain’t 1


Ninjas in Paris


Jesus Shuttlesworth


Bosh Spice


Donald Sterling Scumbags


Slumlord Billionaire


Flying V. Stiviano


Ebola Ballers


Kim Jong Worm


Ronery Island


Ambassador Rodman


Popovich In-Game Interviews


Adam Silver’s My Homeboy


Uncle Drew’s Team




Comic Sans Cavaliers


Very Rich Paul


HGH Testing = Weight Loss


JD & The Straight Shot


I Get Buckets


Bill Walton Smells Colors


Mr. Fancy


Swaggy P Iggy


Black Mamba > Black Widow




Kobe Wan Kenobi


Space Jam 2


Steve Ballmer’s iPhone


Brooklyn Nyets


Westbrook Geek Chic


Serge I-block-ya


Lob City


Planet LoveBron


Planet Lovetron


Pippen Ain’t Easy


WTF is Mike Wearing?




Cleveland Chemistry

Clubber Cousins


Not a Big Gay Guy






Metta World War 3


Metta World Peace Pipe


Let’s Get Tropical




No Free Throws For You


Derrick Rose Jersey


PG-13 Weeks


Mile High Manimal


Underrated Superstar


Craig Sager Style


Joakim Noah’s Arc


Rose Before Hoes


Brokeback Mavericks


Sprichst Du Dirk?


Dirk Digglers


Grabbing Assets


Brittney Griner Tight


Shaqramento Queens


Deng Girl!


Cowbell Fever


D-League D-Bags


Belieb It or Not


Stevie Wonder’s Courtside Seats


Shawn Kemp’s Kids


Pass the Rock to Lamar


Kardashian Double-Team


Lala’s Honey Nut Cheerios


Air Ballers


Two Ferns, One POTUS


Rodman & Madman


Grand Theft Rondo

Love Outlet Passes


Minnesota Maple Leafs


Tim Shootin’, Tim Duncan


Knockin’ Knickerbockers


Prokhorov Playboys




Mock Turtlenecks by SVG


Game, Blouses


White Men Can Jump


8 Points, 9 Seconds


Malice at the Palace


Goldstein Girls


Temporary Linsanity


Jay-Z’s My Agent


Toronto Drakes


Degrassi Raptors


Jurassic Drizzy


Ibaka Flocka Flame


Chocolate Thunder


Strawberry Thunder


Unibrow Uni-blocker





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