115 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

These fantasy football team names will make your league laugh…even if your team sucks

The 2015 NFL season is nearly upon us, which means one very important thing — fantasy football. While only one person will take home the league championship, you can automatically win over the hearts of your fellow players by having a truly funny, silly, crazy, cool or dirty fantasy football team name. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions for the season:


DeflateGateChronic Masterdeflater

Check My Balls

Discount Belichick

​I Spygate


Marcus Mari...otto


Jamaal About That Bass

My Ball Zach Ertz


Turn Down for Watt

JJ S.W.A.T.T. Team




The JPP Fireworks Incident


You Down With JPP?

Hernandez Hit Men

Wham! Bam! Thank you Cam!

You Kaepernick the Future

The Walking Dez


Dez Does Dallas

Erect Dicker

Geno 911!


Show Me Your TDs

Multiple Goregasms


Ladies and Edelman

Julio Think you are?

Backfields and McCoys

My Favorite Marshawn

InGorious Staffords

Mike Vick in a box

Montee can buy you happiness

My Percy’s on Broadway

In a Van Down by the Rivers

Beats by Ray

Le’Veon a Prayer

Pitch a Trent

Drake's New Favorite Team

Mount Douchemore

Waka Flacco Flame

U Mad Bro?

Taste My Rainbow

12th Man Records

Bout That Action, Boss

Trolling Crabtree


Kung Suh PandaKung Suh Panda


Suh Girls, One Cup


Boy Named Suh

Vince Young's Steakhouse

Cry Me a Rivers

Connecticut Cholos

It's a Hard Gronk Life

Party Like a Gronk Star

We Wilfork You

Wilfork Dance Party

Keyshawn Beliebs


No Money Manziel


Brown-out Drunk


Touchdown Germany

Evil Empire

Revis' Vineyard


Bend it like Beckham Jr.



Jay-Z's My Agent

Off to Tennessee the Whiz

Remember the Titans

I Don't Want Your Life

Kissing Suzy Kolber

Pouncey Bouncers

Smokin' Jay Cutler


Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles

Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers

Purple Jesus Juice

Kaepernick Swag

Mannings' O-Face

Peyton Manning's 5-Head

Omaha! Omaha!

Mile High Manning

Welker, Texas Ranger

Sherman's Last Rant

The Boldin the Beautiful


Gisele's Bundchens


Mr. UGG Boots


Brady Gaga

Call Me the Brees

No Romo

Monte Kiffin's 401K

80% Mental, 40% Physical

Laces Out

Show Me the Money

Four Horsemen

Titletown TDs

Titletown Cheeseheads

Big Ol' Bortles

RG 3000

Not Racist Redskins

Hard Knocks Life

Motown Megatrons


Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe

K.C. Kool-Aid Man

Drinkin' Fortes

Turn Your Head and Coughlin

Tampa Bay Terminators

Polk High Panthers

Jim Haslem's Accountants

Forgetting Brandon Marshall

It's Always Runny in Philadelphia

Favre Dollar Footlong

Van Buren Boys

Crab-leg Bootleg

Makin' It Wayne

Luckness Monster

Irsay's $29K

Red Hot Julius Peppers

Slow White Bronco

Going Incognito

Wham, Bam, Michael Sam

Straight Cash Homey


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