99 Funny Fantasy Basketball Team Names

These funny fantasy basketball team names will make your league laugh.

The NBA season tips off Oct. 27, which means it’s time for fantasy basketball. Only one team will win your league, but everyone can be a winner with a good, clever and, most of all, funny fantasy basketball team name. Pop culture references? Of course. Dirty jokes? Even better. Hard core trolling? That’s the name of the name game. Here’s our list of suggestions for the 2015-16 NBA season:

Steve Ballmer Dance Party


Who Told You Put the Ballm On?


Steve Ballmer’s iPhone7


Headbands Make Her Dance


Ninjas in Paris


808s and Fastbreaks


Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Team


Jesus Shuttlesworth


Popovich In-Game Interviews


Emoji Warriors


Space Jam 2


Brooklyn Nyets


Brooklyn Nine-Nine


I Get Buckets


This Means Emoji War


I Declare Emoji War


Lob City


Serge I-block-ya


Ibaka Flocka Flame


Pippen Ain’t Easy


WTF is Mike Wearing?




Not a Big Gay Guy


Let’s Get Tropical


Joakim Noah’s Arc


James of Thrones


Brokeback Mavericks


Sprichst Du Dirk?


Dirk Digglers


The Germanator




Grabbing Assets


Brittney Griner Tight


Lions, Tigers and Goberts


Deng Girl!


Stevie Wonder’s Courtside Seats


Real Recognize Beal


Dolla Dolla Beal

Kobe Wan Kenobi


Shawn Kemp’s Kids


Pass the Rock to Lamar


Kardashian Double-Team


O.J.’s Daughter’s Boyfriend’s Beard


James Gives Me a Harden


ZZ Harden


Go Harden the Paint


Lala’s Honey Nut Cheerios


Prokhorov Playboys


Double Dragic


Mother of Dragics


Granny Shots



Better Call Gasol




Z-Bo Knows


Zen & Zing


Knockin’ Knickerbockers


White Men Can Jump




Game, Blouses


8 Points, 9 Seconds


Malice at the Palace


Temporary Linsanity


Adam Silver’s My Homeboy


Comic Sans Cavaliers




Trust the Process


Hinkie Promise


Cowbell Fever


7-10 Splitter




Bosh Spice


Uncle Drew’s Team


Optimus Dime


Slim Reaper


Chicks Dig Air Balls


Very Rich Paul






I'm On A Banana Boat


Mayor of Chicago


D-Rose Train Conductor


Boogie Men


Boogie Nights


Shake and Blake




Serenity Now, Linsanity Later


Linsane in the Membrane


Kawhi Claws


Duncan Donuts


Tony Parker’s Ex


Pope Franchise


People’s Pope-ovich


Passing is for Pu**ies


Manu a Manu


Fear the Deer


Get Ur Greek Freak On


Greek Freak Nasty


Scoring Like Wilt




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