2010 NLCS: SF vs. PHI

Can the Giants touch that Phily rotation?

Can the Giants touch that Phily rotation?

San Fran used excellent picthing to out the feel-good Bobby Cox led Atlanta Braves last night. Much like they did the entire second half of the season.

Atlanta didn't pitch too poorly either. However, the Giants bats will have to take it up a notch if they expect to get to the Phillies Big 3 of Doc Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels.

Or will they?

The Phils Big 3 made four combined starts against the Giants this season (in a Phily uniform at least).

Here are the numbers:

2-2, 25.0 IP, 32 H, 17 ER, 5 BB, 27 K

This includes one of Halladay's worst starts of the season and his first lost of the year back in the spring. A lot has changed since then, but these numbers prove that the Giants will not be scared of the dynamic trio of arms.

The two teams split the season series 3-3 with each taking 2-of-3 at home.

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