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Yes, this is the second Athlon Sports fantasy baseball team roster that I have this year. And my three-player, 10-team online keeper draft on Sunday will be my third and final MLB fantasy team of 2011...I promise.

Athlon League Baseball, affectionately known as the ALB, is a deep, complicated, uber-dweebie fantasy baseball league. The ten team league features rosters which include an extra OF, MI and CI. The stats are 6x6 with OPS and Holds added to the respective "sides of the ball."

We have winter meetings, three keepers per team (kept a max of twice in a row), two-thirds majority votes, vacated draft picks and minor league systems.

It is as dorkie as dorkie can get...and its wonderful.

Here is how the 2011 draft turned out for me:

Round 1, Pick 7: Mark Teixeira, 1B, NYY
2.4: Matt Holliday, OF, STL
2.5: Jose Reyes, SS, NYM (pick aquired in 2010 draft trade)
3.7: (traded in 2010 draft trade)
4.4: Andre Ethier, OF, LAD
5.7: Jonathan Papelbon, RP, BOS
6.4: (traded at deadline of 2010 season)
7.7: (traded in 2011 draft trade)
8.4: Ryan Zimmerman, 3B, WAS (KEEPER)
9.7: Drew Storen, RP, WAS
10.3: Jason Bay, OF, NYM (acquired in 2011 draft trade)
10.4: Chone Figgins, 2B/3B, SEA
11.5: Shane Victorino, OF, PHI (acquired in 2011 draft trade)
11.7: Tim Hudson, SP, ATL
12.4: (traded at deadline of 2010 season)
13.5: Daniel Hudson, SP, ARI (acquired in 2011 draft trade)
13.7: Justin Verlander, SP, DET (KEEPER)
14.4: (pick vacated from previous trade to dissolved franchise)
15.7: Rickie Weeks, 2B, MIL (KEEPER)
16.4: (traded in 2011 draft trade)
17.7: Jose Tabata, OF, PIT
18.4: (traded in 2nd 2011 draft trade)
18.8: Evan Meek, RP, PIT (acquired in 2nd 2011 trade)
18.9: Sean Rodriguez, 2B/CI/OF, TB (acquired in 2nd 2011 trade)
19.7: Hiroki Kuroda, SP, LAD
20.4: Jorge Posada, C, NYY
21.7: Angel Pagan, OF, NYM
22.4: Jeff Niemann, SP, TB (minor league call-up, permanent keeper)
23.7: Ike Davis, 1B, NYM (minor league call-up, permanent keeper)
24.4: Neftali Feliz, P, TEX (minor league call-up, permanent keeper)
25.7: David Price, SP, TB (minor league call-up, permanent keeper)

I actually finished with only 24 players, so I will make an immediate waiver wire add when rosters have been imported - and if you didn't notice, I clearly am a New York Mets fan. (That doesn't mean a reach too far, however).

I realize for that list to interest you, you have to have a serious problem with fantasy baseball. So if you are still reading, I am warning you, it may only get worse...

The ALB Minor League System works as follows: A player can only be drafted if he has ZERO games of MLB experience. The three-round draft takes place every June immediately following the actual first-year MLB Draft.

Once a player is called-up to the big league roster, he can never be sent back down. Prospects can be kept in the latest possible round of the draft for the entirity of his career. Involving trading prospects, they have "permament keeper status" if they are still down in the farm system when traded. A prospect who has been called up and gets traded, loses his "permanent keeper status."

Here is my farm system:

1. Mike Moustakas, 3B, KC
2. Travis Snider, OF, TOR
3. Brett Lawrie, 2B, TOR
4. J.P. Arencibia, C, TOR
5. Kyle Blanks, 1B/OF, SD
6. Kyle Gibson, SP, MIN
7. Aaron Hicks, OF, MIN
8. Fernando Martinez, OF, NYM
9. Jason Castro, C, HOU
10. Masahiro Tanaka, SP, Japan

<p> Yes, this is the second Athlon Sports fantasy baseball team roster that I have this year.</p>
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