Early Mock Thoughts


There was no football this weekend for the first time since August. Nashville also saw the thermometer top 50 for what feels like the first time since then as well. So conducting more fantasy baseball mock drafts than any single male under the age of 30 should admit too sounded like the perfect idea.

Here is what I am learning so far...

1. You can wait on OF and SP. Unless you are one of those four-SPs-in-the-first-seven-rounds crazies, there really is no need to worry about either of these two positions. I have waited on my first starter until the 8th round all but once. I have taken one elite (RD 2-5) OF almost every time but then largely ignored the position until the RD 10-14 range. 

2. Catching is go early or don't go at all. If Mauer, Posey or V-Mart has been available in the fourth, I haven't passed. Yet. Brian McCann might be the best value. Going regularly in rounds 6-8, he is going a bit late for his type of production, especially now with some pop around him in the order. After Soto and Santana, don't even worry about it until Rounds 15-16. 

3. There are some nice double-play tandems to be had in the early-to-mid rounds. I had a Weeks-Andrus 6th-9th round combo. Figgins-Alexei 11th-6th. Both of which represented a second-tier approach in which I had waited on speed and found the perfect fit with a mid-round MI. My Pedroia-Alexei 3rd-7th was a bit more costly but has loads of potential. 

4. I have taken a corner infielder with nearly every first and second pick in the draft. There is just too much raw power in the top 20 not to lock-in a potent foundation at R, HR, RBI and OPS right out of the box.

<p> Braden Gall offers his early mock draft thoughts for baseball 2011.</p>
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