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Here is a look at how my NCAA Hoops fantasy draft turned out.

Here is a look at how my NCAA Hoops fantasy draft turned out.

For three years, I have been a member of the Big Chief Challenge — a fantasy college basketball league that will test the will and knowledge of any true NCAA Hoops junkie.

It is a 20-team league in which only the power conferences are used. Everyone carries 10 players on their roster and can start two guards, two forwards, a center and a utility. One of those six starters must be a true freshman. Fantasy players go head-to-head in three categories (pts, rebs, asts) each week. (You can win 3-0 or 2-1 while losing either 1-2 or 0-3).

Here is how my roster turned out (I had the 10th pick in the draft): 

Rd 1, Pick 10: Kemba Walker, G, UConn
I wanted to land an all-around contributor and Walker is the man for that.

Rd 2, Pick 31: Jordan Williams, F/C, Maryland
I wanted a stud center and this massive sophomore has a chance to explode after a great freshman season of dominating the boards.

Rd 3, Pick 50: Jon Leuer, F, Wisconsin
Leuere is UW's best player and he can do everything. He can score inside, pass and shoot. He is a potential first-round NBA pick despite the system he plays in.

Rd 4, Pick 71: Jeff Taylor, G/F, Vanderbilt
Another potential NBA first round pick, Taylor is the mid-range jumper away from being an All-American. Right now, he can jump, rebound, defend and pass with the best. Plus, the dual-eligibility sold me.

Rd 5, Pick 90: Patric Young, F/C, Florida
I took my first freshman here. Having the center eligibility helped a lot with the decision too. Young is a physical monster that may only help in one category, but there aren't many freshman centers out there. Names like Knight, Harris and Barnes went in the first round, too steep for me. I took sleeper freshman instead.

Rd 6, Pick 111: Phil Pressey, G, Missouri
I hedged my freshman bets with Pressey. All accounts are that this speed demon could earn the starting point guard job in the up-tempo Mike Anderson line-up. I feel great about the value of my freshman.

Rd 7, Pick 130: Drew Crawford, G/F, Northwestern
Another player with dual-eligibiliy (I love those guys) and loads of upside after a solid freshman year. This slasher can do everything as his 35-point career high indicates.

Rd 8, Pick 151: Maalik Wayns, G, Nova
I needed a guard and wanted to take a chance on a sleeper with high assist potential. Wayns is viewed by many as one of the top NBA prospects in the Big East — I picked him over Scoop Jardine of Cuse. High upside here with little risk.

Rd 9, Pick 170: Laurence Bowers, F, Missouri
Back to the Mike Anderson well I go. I needed a steady rebounder and got one. He has little upside, but is almost a lock for 11-7 per game.

Rd 10, Pick 191: Brad Tinsley, G, Vanderbilt
Tinsley is limited physically but plays an assist-friendly position as the point guard for the Dores. He has a chance for a 10-3-5 line — which would suit me just fine.


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