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NCAA Football teams who can run it and throw it.

NCAA Football teams who can run it and throw it.

The 2009 season featured 6 teams that were able to top the 200-yard mark both rushing the football and passing the football per game. Those six teams were Wisconsin, TCU, Fresno State, Florida, Stanford and Auburn.

I realize that we are only at the halfway point but it appears that offense may be "up" from last year. At this moment in time - the Friday before Week 7 Saturday - there are 14 teams that are currently averaging over 200 yards rushing and 200 yards passing.

Those 14 are as follows: Stanford (1), Oregon (2) and USC (3), arguably the Pac-10's top three teams (maybe three of top four is more likely). Boise State (4) and Nevada (5), the WAC's top two teams. Ohio State (6), Michigan State (7) and Wisconsin (8), three of the Big Ten's top four teams. Florida State (9), the ACC's top team. TCU (10), the Mountain West's top team. Auburn (11) and Mississippi State (12) in the SEC. Tulsa (13) from CUSA, and shockingly, Louisville (14) from the Big East.

Are defenses not playing at the same level as we are used to? Or will a lot of these teams drop below the "Mendoza line" before season's end? My guess is, that once the bulk of conference play has taken place, we will see these numbers dip back down to normal. But only time will tell.

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