NCAA Fantasy Hoops Ranks

With a dozen or so games in the books, the college fantasy basketball world has rounded into form. With a scoring system based on total points, meaning all statistics count as one point. Points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks all count as +1 apiece. Turnovers count -1 each.

So, for example, if X player scores 15 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, 2 steals, a block and 5 turnovers, his score would be 23 pts. (15+5+5+2+1) - 5 = 23. (Note: Numbers are rounded to the tenth of a point)

Based on this standard scoring system and a power six player pool, here are your top fantasy performers thus far in 2010-2011:

1.Kemba WalkerGJr.UConn38.
2.Marshon BrooksG/FSr.Providence34.322.
3.Terrence JonesFFr.Kentucky32.518.910.
4.John ShurnaFJr.N'Western31.723.
5.Jordan WilliamsF/CSo.Maryland31.518.611.
6.Jon LeuerFSr.Wisconsin30.919.
7.Klay ThompsonGJr.Wazzu30.
8.JaJuan JohnsonF/CSr.Purdue29.819.
9.Jared SullingerF/CFr.Ohio State29.318.
10.Rick JacksonF/CSr.Syracuse29.013.512.
11.Reggie JacksonGJr.Boston College28.618.
12.E'Twaun MooreGSr.Purdue28.420.
13.Jordan HamiltonG/FSo.Texas28.319.
14.Nikola VucevicFJr.USC28.316.
15.Jeremy Hazell*GSr.Seton Hall28.
16.Derrick WilliamsFSo.Arizona27.419.
17.LaceDarius DunnGSr.Baylor27.421.
18.Marshall MosesFSr.Okla. State27.
19.Ravern JohnsonGSr.Miss. State27.
20.Talor BattleGSr.Penn State27.

* - Jeremy Hazell broke his wrist on Nov. 19 and should miss 4-6 weeks.

I feel somewhat honored to have five of the top-20 players on my squad this season. It is probably why I am the only unbeaten team in my 10-team league at 4-0. However, I might be getting help from indifferent owners. You know who you are!

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