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What are the impacts of the Boise State loss?

What are the impacts of the Boise State loss?

You can cancel that flight to New York Kellen.

You can, however, instead book a flight to…Boise, Idaho?

And Boise State AD Gene Bleymaier? You can pull out the BSU checkbook and remove about $17 million from that column on the far right.

After the stirring rally by Colin Kaepernick — giving Boise State their first conference loss since Nov. 23, 2007 — it appears the blue-clad warriors will be relegated to the Humanitarian Bowl (maybe the Fight For Hunger Bowl in San Francisco). While Peterson and Bleymaier will certainly save on travel costs, the Boise, Idaho-based bowl is worth about $750,000. The Rose Bowl would have been worth $18 million.

Moore did his job. He threw for 348 yards and got his team into range for a field goal that I could literally hit. Kyle Broztman walked out onto that field having made 15 straight field goals of 30-yards or less and was 24-of-25 for his career in that range. (Ironically, his one miss was against Oregon In 2009.) And because of that miss, Moore no longer has a shot at the Heisman Trophy.

The depth and breadth of loss for the Boise State program is painfully obvious.

But for a few others, it has opened doors. And more importantly, pocket books.

Jim Harbaugh and the Stanford Cardinal can now all but assuredly book themselves into a Tempe area hotel. TCU, who clearly gains the most from the Friday night thriller, is now all but certain to be in Pasadena for the Grand Daddy of Them All against the Wisconsin Badgers. Ohio State looks to be headed to the Sugar Bowl against the winner of LSU-Arkansas games. Any story lines in an OSU-LSU BCS bowl in New Orleans?

The Heisman door is also now opened for names like Andrew Luck, Terrelle Pryor, Denard Robinson, Brandon Weeden and Marcus Lattimore. Maybe one of those names was going to get to New York prior to Friday night. It’s possible that three of those names might join LaMichael James and Cameron Newton on Broadway now.

Now, let’s see what Saturday has to offer.

Happy Thanksgiving football fans!

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