The SEC East

The SEC East is 2-10 against the SEC West currently. The only two wins are Vanderbilt over Ole Miss in Oxford and South Carolina's emotional showing against Alabama two weeks ago. Otherwise, the East has been pathetic.

Mississippi State on the other hand, has been excellent against the East. With wins over Georgia and Florida. How they did it was even more amazing. The Bulldogs completed 4 passes — FOR THE GAME! They finished with 9 attempts (one in the second half) and 33 yards passing. And beat the Gators? Wow.

And for those of you out there that think Boise State couldn't hang in the SEC (at least this season), you are wrong. Boise State would roll through the East and be a tough out in Atlanta. They couldn't survive every year in the SEC, but they could in 2010.

Also, you Georgia fans, are we done yet? Aaron Murray is a future star. AJ Green is back. You have just beaten East rivals Tennessee and Vandy by a combined 84-14 and are 1/2 game out of a berth in the SEC title game. Can we stop the FireMarkRicht (.net) chants please.

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