What if they lost that night?

What if Moore's pass fell incomplete that night.

What if Moore's pass fell incomplete that night.

Kellen Moore led his team 56 yards on five plays in 38 seconds.

With 1:09 left on the clock, Moore hit wideout Austin Pettis in the back of the end zone to give Boise State a 33-30 win over Virginia Tech in what might have been the year's best game.

But what if, right now the single biggest Heisman moment of the season, had not happened?

(No offense Cam Newton, your biggest moment is still to come — at 3:30 PM ET Friday Nov., 26th more specifically.)

For starters, the Hokies would be sitting at No. 3 in the BCS, poised to slide into the championship game should, say, Auburn lose to Alabama or South Carolina. Does anyone, anywhere believe that Virginia Tech would have lost to James Madison had the collective air not been released from Blacksburg with 1:09 left? Not a chance. They would be 11-0 heading into the season finale with rival Virginia.

Secondly, the Horned Frogs would be sitting pretty too. But still fourth in the BCS standings, right? So what about a BSU loss specifically makes Gary Patterson so happy (well, how about less ornery)? Since only one non-AQ is locked into a BCS spot, there is a good chance that, if the current standings hold pat, the undefeated little amphibians could fall to the Las Vegas Bowl — played Dec. 22 with a payout of $1 million. Had Boise State lost to Virginia Tech, TCU would be given an automatic BCS bowl berth to, most likely, the Rose Bowl — worth roughly $18 million. The Grand Daddy is, of course, thankfully still played on New Year's Day. True, it isn’t the National Championship game, but it is an awfully lucrative consolation prize.

Lastly, Tyrod Taylor and Andy Dalton would be more likely to book a flight to the Big Apple than Moore. Especially considering how Taylor played that electric night at FedEx Field. NC State's Russell Wilson is having a special season, but the unbeaten Taylor has the ACC Player of the Year award all but locked up. No one will challenge Dalton in the Mountain West. Both should be receiving more Heisman consideration as it is, but with Moore out of the mix and Taylor undefeated, the Hokie signal caller would almost assuredly be in New York.

Taylor gliding all over the field, leading his team on a 13-point second half comeback, would have been his trophy moment. Terrelle Pryor had his great moment against Iowa last weekend. Newton has his run against LSU and Patrick Peterson — and a number of other methodical key drives. LaMichael James has posted huge numbers against main competitors Stanford and USC. Marcus Lattimore has literally carried the Cocks to their first SEC title game in school history. And Andrew Luck might be the best football player not receiving an official paycheck on the planet. But Moore’s second half against the Hokies was just as impressive — and even more vital. Twice the Broncos trailed in the final 20 minutes of the game and twice Moore brought his squad back to take the lead. Let's hope that Heisman voters don't forget about Moore's defining moment, since it did take place all the way back in Week 1 — and in front of mostly hostile crowd.

And we can't forget that all Moore has gone on to do is post the most efficient season by a quarterback in college football history.

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