Postseason Agony and Thrills

While the Phillies are celebrating a sweep over the Reds and — rightfully so — feel like the best team in the game right now, fans and players were suffering in Atlanta. The Braves aren't eliminated yet, but second baseman Brooks Conrad may feel like they are. After making three errors on Sunday, the youngster bravely faced the media after game. He clearly was embarrassed and felt like he let his team down. And after answering multiple versions of the same questions, Conrad was patient and accommodating. I feel for the guy. I can't believe two of the questions I heard, both coming after Conrad had explained his feelings, the play, the Braves' situation and how he thought he would sleep tonight. Question: "Will you ask Bobby for a day off tomorrow to clear your mind?" Question: "Do you anticipate being in the lineup tomorrow?" Unbelievable.

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