Big Three is best trio so far

Through three months and a couple of days, it turns out that the Big Three that got all the hype in the offseason are what they were hyped to be.

A search of the top "three-player combinations" on's stats page reveals that Miami's free-agent trio of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade are the top three-player combo in the league.

Through 40 games with all three on the court, the Big Three have logged 1,023 minutes and 21 seconds together and in that time the Heat have scored 2,280 points to 1,983 allowed for a plus/minus of 297.

The Big Three are seven points better than the Big Three of a few years ago — Boston's Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce who have played 38 games together at 989 minutes and 38 seconds.

The Lakers' trio of Derek Fisher, Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest are third at plus-269 over 48 games and 1,116 minutes, 14 seconds played together.

After the Heat, Celtics, Lakers trio — no surprise it is three of the top four teams in the Association currently — the increments between trios gets bigger. Fourth is Boston's Rajon Rondo, Allen and Pierce at plus 249 and Gasol replaces Kobe for fifth at plus-240.

Oddly enough, the NBA's best team by a full four games doesn't have a trio that registers until the 11th spot. San Antonio's Tim Duncan, Richard Jefferson and Tony Parker have played 47 games and 1,019 minutes and 49 seconds together with a plus of 203.

So maybe numbers don't tell everything, but it is interesting to see that just past the halfway point of the season the Big Three are doing their part to live up to the hype.

Were you a believer of the Big Three from the outset or are you suprised to see that they actually put it together as a trio?

— Corby A. Yarbrough @AthlonCorby on Twitter

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