Melo Drama Almost Over

The NBA trade deadline for the 2010-11 season is less than three days away. I am certainly interested to see which teams take steps — major or minor — to better themselves en route to a playoff run. But I am much, much more interested in the Carmelo Anthony saga finally coming to an end.

This year, the attention is not on what the 30 teams in the league will do, rather when the Melo-drama will end. It has been a stain on the entire season. It doesn't seem like a national broadcast has gone by without a mention of the Denver Nuggets star.

Every day it's he's going to the Nets, no he's not the Nets, it is to the Knicks, it's not the Knicks. For what the Nets and Knicks are reportedly offering, they would be crazy to give up so much for one player — even one of the NBA's superstars.

And Carmelo would be crazy to sign an extension for that team. What players will be left for him to play with? How about just hanging on for the 25 games that are left, make a playoff run and then sign with whomever you want as a free agent. The trade rumors surrounding Carmelo were just as loud in October when the season began as they are now, so why not just ride this thing out and we can watch "The Decision II" in the offseason.

This Thursday it comes to an end ... but not before you can take a look at what the likes of Yahoo Sports, CBS, Sports Illustrated and ESPN have to say about the Melo possibilities.

And you wouldn't know it, but there are other trade possibilities abound in the NBA this year. CBS and SI take a look at some of those not named Carmelo Anthony.

— Corby A. Yarbrough @AthlonCorby on Twitter

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