Brady value not affected by trade

The Randy Moss trade is certain to make the Minnesota Vikings a better football team. And fantasy owners do not need ‘expert advice’ to understand the trade will also provide a boost in the fantasy values of quarterback Brett Favre, running back Adrian Peterson, tight end Visanthe Shiancoe and wide receiver Percy Harvin. His presence will open up sections of the field the Vikings didn’t have access to without a deep threat target.

Fantasy owners have also been coached to target Brandon Tate, who will now assume Moss’ duties in New England’s offense.

But what about Tom Brady? What will this trade do to his fantasy value?

In my opinion, not a darn thing.

Yes, Moss is a premier receiver and a favorite of Brady. But what makes Brady isn’t the players around him, but rather his keen understanding of the Patriots offense. Take away the deep half of the field, as Miami did on Monday, and Brady will dink and dunk all day. Crowd the middle and I bet he can launch rockets to Tate just as easy as he did Moss.

Thanks to the arrival of Moss, Favre will once again join the list of elite fantasy quarterbacks. Brady’s name still belongs on that list, a spot or two ahead of Favre.

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