Don't Let Personal Feelings About Favre Cloud Your Fantasy Logic

For some strange reason, fantasy owners still aren’t buying into Brett Favre this season. He’s back in uniform, cracking jokes on the sideline, but fantasy owners are acting as though Favre may as well still be in Mississippi.

In most drafts I’ve witnessed lately, Favre has been picked as the No. 10 quarterback on average (as high as No. 7). But in one draft he lasted until Round 11 — the 130th player drafted overall and 13th quarterback. I rarely pick a backup quarterback that early, but I just couldn’t help myself!

Look, hate Favre if you want to. He dragged his feet this offseason, which annoyed fans and fantasy owners alike. And it’s perfectly fine to be concerned with Percy Harvin’s headaches and Sidney Rice’s hip surgery; both will likely have an impact on Favre’s 2010 fantasy success. But all those things aside, Favre should still be viewed as a premium passer. He is protected by a solid offensive line and is further protected by one of the best running backs in the game. And, oh yeah, for the last two decades he’s been a fantasy smash hit, year in and year out.

The biggest mistake a fantasy owner can make is to allow personal feelings to get in the way of sound fantasy logic. Favre is still a heck of a good starting quarterback. Don’t pass him up in your draft just because you don’t care for how he handles his business off the field.

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