Jump on Dallas Running Backs

When quarterbacks talk, coaches listen. At least you can expect that to be the case in Dallas, where the coaching staff is desperate to find answers for why the offense is tied for 26th in scoring offense (13.5 points per game) despite ranking fourth in total yards. In speaking to a reporter, Romo said what every fan already knows: When you can’t run the ball, you don’t sustain drives and therefore do not score many points.

Said Romo, “I’m not sure exactly the statistics but ... when you run the ball and run successfully, it makes everything a lot easier. Everything. Whether it’s your red-zone offense or whether it’s staying on the field or minimizing mistakes or minimizing what the defense can do defensively.”

Here’s a tip for fantasy owners: If you own Marion Barber or Felix Jones, consider finding a spot for them in your lineup. If you don’t own either player, make an offer while the asking price is still relatively low.

Nothing has changed from a season ago. Barber is still a capable power back with good hands, while Jones remains one of the game’s most electrifying weapons. The difference has been in how the team has used both players, and the fact that Dallas is still waiting for its offensive line to rise to the level where it was last season (just a matter of time not that all of its parts are healthy).

Count on this: Dallas will run the ball this weekend, and they will find success in doing so (Houston does not deserve its No. 2 run defense ranking as it hasn’t played a good ground team yet).

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