Play the matchups, not prime time games

Last week, I was reminded of another common flaw fantasy owners make when constructing their lineups. An owner in my league loaded up on Packers, knowing he could watch several of “his guys” play in Green Bay’s Monday Night Football contest against Chicago.

Bad move.

Look, if you like the matchup, and think there are plenty of points to go around for Green Bay, that’s one thing. But when you make decisions with your heart or your passion as a fan, it’s a flaw. Fantasy football is meant to be fun, and it is always more fun to watch your guys perform. But there is never an excuse to substitute your best possible lineup for added fun, and when one thinks in such a way, he/she jeopardizes success in the standings.

When piecing together your lineup, always do it with a blind eye to when the contest is being played. Consider matchups, injuries and trends – but never the thrill of having a guy play in a primetime viewing slot.

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