Initial BCS Means Nothing

A very insignificant event will happen Sunday night: the first release of this season’s BCS standings. Big Brother ESPN will be pushing you all weekend to watch this silliness, especially with non-BCS Boise State projected to be at the top of the controversial ratings. Television talking heads and radio shows will be going crazy on how the Broncos should/should not be in January’s title game. However, the reality for sane college football fans is that we’re only halfway through the season. Please don’t get caught up in the thousands of ‘what-if’ BCS scenarios when it’s the middle of October.

Only one BCS release matters—the final one. But fans and media will get bent out of shape on these rankings; just watch. Boise State backers will be mad when they drop out of the top spot in a few weeks because their WAC schedule is weaker than an SEC or Big Ten one. SEC fans will scream that their league has won four straight National Championships, and that any undefeated squad (Auburn/LSU) from their conference should play for it all. Ohio State supporters will wonder why they are the third best ‘O’ team (behind Oregon and Oklahoma) in the country, while TCU fans will argue that the Horned Frogs deserve as much consideration as Boise.

The key to remember with the BCS standings is that they are fluid from week to week, and Sunday night’s initial release will just be a premature snapshot. The BCS ratings are not like a human poll; if your team plays three weaker opponents in a row, they will go down in the standings even with three wins. Oregon and Ohio State (or even Michigan State) may wish they had a Championship Game like Oklahoma, Nebraska, Auburn, etc. at the end of the season to boost their place in the rankings. However, let’s worry about that a month from now when there are not so many unbeaten teams.

Whether your plan on Sunday night was to watch the Colts-Redskins, Boardwalk Empire or Mad Men, go ahead with your normal routine. The BCS standings mean nothing seven games into the season, so there is no reason to miss a pitch of the Phillies-Giants game or any tailgating time before Kenny Powers hits the mound in Mexico. Let’s all enjoy a great regular season and start debating the BCS top two in a few weeks when the overall picture will be much clearer.

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