Don't Be Fooled by Depth Charts

Don't fall victim to the the hype. Don't get overly caught up in preseason depth charts. They can be the death of a fantasy season before it even starts. There is good information out there right now, but depth charts are not always reliable.

Coaches are thinking preseason right now, not regular season. But while they self-admittedly can't think past the certain day or week they're currently entrenched in, fantasy owners must.

For example, do you really believe that Arian Foster will last more than three weeks as the Texans’ starting running back? I don't. They traded up to draft Ben Tate in the second round for a reason - to be their guy sooner rather than later.

What about Kenny Britt? Come on. He's Tennessee's No. 1 receiving option but has been killed in the media and is currently behind Nate Washington and Justin Gage on the depth chart. But who would you rather have on your fantasy team?

Hopefully, you whispered "Britt" to yourself just now.

Talent over opportunity. Best long-term outlook over what's happening now — yes, even in seasonal leagues.

Now let me give you two bold predictions along these lines for 2010.

1. Chester Taylor will outscore Matt Forté this year.

2. Harry Douglas will become a fantasy-worthy WR3 in Atlanta.

Right now, neither is listed as a starter on his teams' depth chart. You get my point.

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