Happy Friday the 13th!

Is it ironic or coincidental that we've launched our website on Friday the 13th? I say neither. I say it's a sign. A sign that we are going to murder the competition like Freddy Krueger. A sign that our customized rankings and in-depth analysis are going to slay our competition and blow our readers' minds. Yep.

In fact, maybe the Athlon powers that be set it up this way. Maybe they purposely decided to wait until the next Friday the 13th rolled around to jump out from behind your driver's seat and scare you with how good our services are. And they are good, folks. Where else can you get information on dynasty, keeper, seasonal and IDP leagues, customized rankings based on statistical projections from yours truly, as well as

play in both college and pro fantasy football leagues? Nowhere else I'm aware of.

We've spent months creating the ideal fantasy football information website, and believe me, it's a hidden gem. People in the fantasy football industry have tried to knock us down on occasion, saying that when readers think of fantasy football, they don't necessarily think of Athlon Sports. Well, use that to your advantage, because we will help you win your leagues.

Fantasy Football owners are always looking for an edge, and our services are so good that our customers neverwant to refer their friends (opponents) to subscribe!

It's that time of year, folks. There are higher bills to pay due to energy costs, you're being bombarded with little piddly fart tasks at work as your supervisors return from vacation and put the hammer down, and your "honey-do" list is a mile long.

Well, that's the boat I'm in anyway, but I'm not stressed out when I think about my fantasy team. Fantasy football calms me. It puts me at ease and it gets my energy and adrenaline pumping in the right way. Hopefully, it does for you as well, and hopefully, our new site can be a big part in your fantasy success.

We will get to know each other well through these blogs and my features, and I look forward to it.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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