Marty Schottenheimer, Champion

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It's not what he envisioned, back when John Elway was snatching AFC Championships away from him. But Marty Schottenheimer is finally a champion. In front of 14,172 fans at something called the Sportsplex in Virginia Beach, Schottenheimer's Virginia Destroyers captured the UFL crown with a 17–3 win over the Las Vegas Locomotives, giving Marty a reason to party: his first professional championship. Appropriately, the win came courtesy of the defense, always Schottenheimer's calling card. "I'm a simple man, and I don't try to reinvent the wheel," he said. "We just try to do the things that we do best. We got back to basics tonight and had a big game against a very good offensive football team." Mazel tov, Marty. 

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