Tiger's Former Bag Man Needs Reality Check

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During his tenure as Tiger Woods' caddie, Steve Williams was no ordinary looper. Part enforcer, part bodyguard, part motivator, Williams ran interference for Tiger for a decade-plus of stunning success, becoming that rarest of sport rarities: the superstar caddie. That's what happens when the boss wins 13 majors with you on the bag. When you're there to offer an awkward high-five or fist bump after every hero shot or clutch putt. When you're the first person who gets a hug after another major win. When you're prepared to confiscate a camera from an over-eager photographer. 

Stevie was part of another exclusive club: Tiger's inner circle, which apparently consisted of bimbos, Bryon Bell and Williams, and not much else. 

Williams was clearly stung by his unceremonious firing after standing by his man - to an extent - through scandal and injury. But Stevie needs a reality check. He's the caddie, not the co-winner. His name doesn't appear on any trophy or jug. There are no green jackets in his closet. 

New boss Adam Scott picked up a dominant win at the WGC-Bridgestone, and Williams took the occasion to make it all about him, calling it the best win and the best week of his (Stevie's) career. Think about that. First, you have the spectacle of a caddie giving a post-round interview. Then, you have said caddie seizing the opportunity to take thinly veiled shots at the man who made him rich and famous by dismissing 13 major wins, including the British Open win where Woods collapsed, sobbing, into Stevie's arms 10 weeks after Earl Woods' passing. 

News flash, Stevie - you have nothing to do with putting the ball in the hole. You carry a bag for a living. Shut up and cash your check. 

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