2013-14 College Basketball Conference Snapshot: SEC

Who's gone and who's back in the SEC for 2013-14
<p> Who's gone and who's back in the SEC for 2013-14</p>

In 2013-14, Kentucky will try to pull off a rare college basketball feat by going from national champion to NIT, then back to national champion. As our league-by-league snapshots continue into the SEC, we take a look at the teams who might make things difficult for the Wildcats next season.

20 Amazing College Basketball SEC Cheerleaders From 2013

Ole Miss-La Salle sets up 2013's most unlikely NCAA Tournament pairing

After pair of upsets, Ole Miss and La Salle play for trip to the Sweet 16
<p> Ole Miss-La Salle sets up 2013's most unlikely NCAA Tournament pairing</p>

The Sweet 16 will feature either Ole Miss or La Salle.

Let that sink in a bit. Ole Miss and La Salle have been also-rans in their leagues for roughly a decade, and now one of them will reach the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament.

Just to be clear, the fact that Ole Miss is a No. 12 seed and La Salle is a No. 13 is probably the least strange part about this round of 32 matchup:

Henderson keeps Ole Miss advancing in NCAA Tournament upset

The Tournament's most interesting player stays in the field by dispatching Wisconsin
<p> Henderson keeps Ole Miss advancing in NCAA Tournament upset</p>

The Marshall Henderson Experience continues.

College basketball’s most divisive player will be mandatory watching for at least one more game as the Oe Miss guard heated up in the second half in the Rebels’ 57-46.

College Basketball's Absolute Worst Coaching Tenures since 1984-85

Jeff Bzdelik has had a rough time at Wake, Colorado
<p> College Basketball's Worst Coaching Tenures since 1984-85</p>

Sometimes a coach inherits a bad team or steps into a program where the university simply does not invest in basketball. In some cases, through recruiting, Xs and Os and inspiration, that coach can turn a bad team into a good or even great one.

The guys on this list are not those coaches. Here are the 20 worst coaching tenures in the six major conference since the NCAA Tournament expanded in 1985.

NCAA Basketball: John Calipari's Top 20 All-Time Freshmen

From UMass to Kentucky, no one has coached freshmen quite like Cal
<p> College basketball: John Calipari's top 20 freshmen</p>

Even since his first season as a college head coach at UMass, John Calipari has thrived with freshmen. That season in 1988-89, Calipari had a rookie Jim McCoy, who averaged 19.8 points per game.

That freshman and that team didn’t resemble the recruiting empire Calipari built at Memphis and Kentucky where a glut of talented freshmen sign with Cal, win a ton of college games in one year and then go on to be NBA Draft picks.

2013 SEC Tournament Preview

Florida may be the favorite, but SEC Tournament will be Bubble Watch central
<p> 2013 SEC Tournament Preview</p>

March Madness is just getting started as the college basketball season shifts to the conference tournaments. Titles will be won, NCAA Tournament spots will be clinched or lost all over the country. Here’s what to watch in the SEC.