Brandon Knight

Athlon's 2011 NBA Mock Draft

Who's going where in the 2011 NBA draft?
<p> Athlon's attempt to predict a very volatile draft.</p>

The 2011 NBA Draft isn’t considered to be stacked with talent, but there is plenty of intrigue. The Cavaliers have two of the top four selections as the universe tries to help them fix their karma. The Utah Jazz add two top-12 selections to a borderline playoff team. Meanwhile, the New Jersey Nets prepare for their move to Brooklyn armed with little more than pick number 27. Even part-owner Jay-Z’s legendary swagger won’t carry weight around Bed-Stuy with the current talent level.

Living on the Edge

Kentucky's John Calipari
<p> John Calipari is attracting big-time talent and winning a ton of games, but can his formula produce a national title?</p>

Here he goes again, loading up the roster with a bunch of rookies and heading off in search of great things. He really has no idea how it’s going to work, because how do you teach a bunch of kids barely old enough to vote how to own the big time?