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15 Best Teams That Did Not Win the NCAA Tournament

These teams were dominant, but none were able to win it all in the NCAA Tournament.
15 Best Teams That Did Not Win the NCAA Tournament

This college basketball season has been characterized by one thing – parity – and it’s a label that has carried over into the NCAA Tournament. But that’s not always the case as there often has been a team that has clearly separated itself from the rest of the pack. However, that regular season or even early Tournament domination hasn’t always been punctuated with a national championship.


2016 NCAA Tournament Saturday Second Round Preview and Predictions

Tyler Ulis and the Wildcats will renew their rivalry with the Hoosiers for a trip to the Sweet 16
2016 NCAA Tournament Saturday Second Round Preview and Predictions

Day one of the first round of the 2016 NCAA Tournament brought us a smattering of exciting upsets and fantastic finishes. From Arkansas-Little Rock's double overtime rally against Purdue to Yale's first-ever NCAA Tournament victory, college basketball fans got to enjoy the type of moments that make March Madness so captivating. And that was just on Thursday.


New Dating Website Created for Kentucky Fans

The website looks to match couples with a strong affinity for the Kentucky Wildcats.

For some, sports can be the difference between a relationship working and falling apart. Well this won’t be a problem anymore for Kentucky Wildcat fans. BBNmeetup has launched a dating website solely for those who love the University of Kentucky.


Has The College Basketball Recruiting Landscape Leveled Out?

Many of the Class of 2015's top recruits opted not to sign with traditional powerhouse programs
The college basketball recruiting landscape is leveling the playing field.

With only a few unsigned prospects left in the 2015 class, recruiting analysts can begin to evaluate the top classes. But this year might make it a little more difficult than in years past. The top prospects of this class have not chosen the national powerhouses as in previous years, instead opting to sign with the underdogs. So with that, could the college basketball recruiting landscape finally be leveling out enough to provide more contenders for this year's national championship?