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Ranking the Pac-12's Basketball Coaches

League coaches trying to turn around struggling programs
<p> Ranking the Pac-12's Basketball Coaches</p>

After underachieving in the last three seasons, the Pac-12 may finally start to rebound. At least that’s what the coaches in the league hope.


Best Basketball Teams since 2000 Not to Win an NCAA Championship

March Madness can be cruel as one loss ruins a season.
<p> Top Teams since 2000 to Not win a National Championship</p>

The one-and-done format of the NCAA Tournament often leads to the best team going home without a title. Amazing seasons tend to crash and burn in the maelstrom that is March Madness. From the pages of Athlon Sports Monthly, we look at the best teams — since 2000 — to not win it all.

March Madness Needs Gus Johnson

Athlon adds some 'Rise and Fire' to a lackluster tournament.
<p> Athlon adds some 'Rise and Fire' to a lackluster tournament.</p>

March Madness has lacked some excitement this year, and one reason seems obvious. Besides badly-officiated contests, a lack of shooters and no buzzer-beaters, the missing ingredient has to be the absence of Gus Johnson announcing games. We have compiled some of his past tournament gems, along with some other great calls from the man who gets buckets.

2006 – UCLA 73, Gonzaga 71

NCAA Tournament's 10 Greatest Buzzer Beaters

Top 5 Most Dramatic Shots in NCAA Tournament History

<p> Heading up to the 2011 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, we compiled what we think are the Top 5 Most Dramatic Shots in the tourney's history.&nbsp; See if you agree.</p>
  • Christian Laettner, Duke
    1992 East Regional Finals (vs. Kentucky)