Ranking the College Football Conferences

Can anyone knock the SEC from the top spot?
<p> The SEC has claimed the last five national championships and should be the toughest conference in college football this year.</p>

With the start of the 2011 just around the corner, it's time to revisit the conference power rankings. The SEC claims the last five national titles and should reign surpreme once again this year. However, the Big 12 should be in great shape this year, especially with three teams picked in the top 12 of Athlon's 2011 Top 25.

Ranking the College Football Coaching Jobs: 120-51

If you are a free agent coach, which programs are the most attractive jobs in the nation?
<p> Which jobs in college football are the most attractive for a free agent coach? Athlon ranks the jobs, considering traditions, facilities, location and money.</p>

We have ranked every college football program in the country, based on the attractiveness of the position from a coaching perspective. We considered many factors — tradition, facilities, location, money  — but in the end, we simply asked ourselves the following question: Where would we want to coach? Check back tomorrow for rankings 50-1.

(Note: Current or impending NCAA sanctions were not a factor in these rankings.)

Athlon's 2011 All-WAC Team

Even with a new surrounding cast, Bryant Moniz should be the WAC's top quarterback.
<p> Athlon continues the countdown to the upcoming season with its first and second All-WAC teams for 2011.</p>
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Athlon continues the countdown to the upcoming season with our first and second All-WAC teams for 2011. Click here for all our college football team previews, rankings and predictions.

Athlon's 2011 WAC Predictions

Bryant Moniz and Hawaii are one of the frontrunners for the 2011 WAC crown.
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<p> Athlon's countdown to the 2011 season continues with a look at the projected order of finish for the WAC.</p>
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Something is missing here. What could it be? Oh, it’s Boise State, the team that won (or shared) the league title in eight of its nine seasons in the WAC. The Broncos, looking to improve their lot in life, packed their bags and headed to the Mountain West Conference.

What remains is an eight-team WAC (for now) that has some decent programs but lacks star power at the top.

Nevada and Hawaii appear to be the best two teams in the first year A.B. (After Boise), though both Fresno State and Louisiana Tech could make things interesting.